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Your car is ready to drive as soon as we are done with the installation.  Immediately after installation you may notice some cloudy or streaky areas in the film.  These areas will appear whiteish in color and will clear up with exposure to the sun.  In the winter this could take up to 30 days. This is normal.

DO NOT WASH YOUR CAR FOR 48 HOURS AFTER INSTALLATION! High pressure water from automatic or self service carwashes could lift the film edges.  After 48 hours.. wash  your car as you normally would.  Paint Protection Film is carwash safe.

3M PAINT PROTECTION FILM has a unique clear coat finish that is similar to the clearcoat on your paint.  Minor scratches can be polished out and the film can be waxed.  We apply a coat of 3M Performance Finish (a synthetic wax) to  the Paint Protection Film  just before you pick up your car. A coat of wax once or twice a year will keep your film looking like new for years to come.

Xpel paint protection film has "self healing" properties, and minor scratches will fade away with exposure to the sun, or with warm heat from a hair dryer or heat gun. It can also be polished.  We recommend Xpel Protection Film Sealant, a synthetic polymer formula to maintain a flawless finish.

With all brands of film you can always use your favorite brand of wax, just try to avoid waxes and polishes that contain dye, especially red, yellow or blue.

THINGS TO AVOID...Harsh chemicals like engine degreasers, carb. cleaners, brake cleaners, adhesive removers, bug removers, dish soap and Pine Sol, especially in the sun.  These items will damage the clear coat! Never use scuff pads, brushes, brillo pads, or other abrasive cleansers on the film.

ALWAYS USE...A high quality car wash soap, hot water and clean rags. These items will get your car clean without stripping the wax or damaging the finish.  When trying to remove bug guts, pre-soak the affected area with really hot soapy water for five minutes.  Then use a clean, wet, soapy rag to wash the bugs off. Do not try to scrape them off with brushes or scuff pads.  Most people tell us that the bugs wash off the film easier than the car itself.  Get to them as quick as possible!  If you have any cleaning questions just give us a call, we have seen it all !

Our goal is to provide you with the best protection available for your car.