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Protecting automotive paint since 2002

 Windshield protection that makes a world of difference!

Glassparency is an advanced, transparent glass treatment that forms a unique ultra-hydrophobic barrier to enhance visibility in inclement weather when drivers struggle the most.

Glassparency is a two part, professionally applied  liquid glass treatment that chemically bonds to the glass. Glassparency contains no waxes or additives that can cause yellowing, blistering or pealing.  It will not stick to your windshield wipers, a common problem with do-it-yourself products.  It is not a window film to prevent rock chips like Clear Plex or Bray windshield skins (we do not install these products).

Glassparency is a  professionally applied, one-time application with a 3 year warranty that is easily maintained during your warranty period.  You will receive text and email reminders during your warranty term for seasonal maintenance on your windshield from Glassparency.  Clear Auto Bra Michigan will provide the seasonal maintenance at no charge to you.   Maintenance will take about 15 min in our shop.  In some cases, we can provide you with the maintenance solution for at home touch ups.  Feel free to contact us for specifics.

Our windshield kit is $125 installed.  We also have a full vehicle glass treatment option. Prices vary, please call for details on your specific vehicle.

Installation takes about an hour from start to finish. For this application, we only did 1/2 of the windshield for demonstration purposes.

A water test immediately after the application.  A noticeable difference!

Water beads and sheds off the windshield while driving.

A typical winter morning with light frost on the windshield.

Frost viewed from inside the vehicle. The left side is treated!

We turned the wipers on.  No defrosters, no windshield washer fluid, no ice scrapers, just 4 passes of the wiper blades.

Another view of the windshield after the wipers were on. Drivers side is treated.

This is the most important picture.   A view from the inside after 4 passes of the wiper blades.  Better visibility means safer driving!!

We have included some youtube links for videos produced by Glassparency.  Click on the link and a new window will pop up to view the video.  This will not take you off of our site.  Thanks for taking the time to check out this amazing product.

Range Rover video

Jeep video

Winter driving video